Rehab Exercises

Chiropractic Treatment and Rehabilitation Exercise
We all benefit from the right type of exercise regardless of our injury, age and ability. Regular exercise has been proven to have many benefits including lowering blood pressure and heart rate; reducing the risk of heart disease, helping with weight loss and reducing stress and anxiety. We have chosen some Rehabilitation Exercises in this section that have been specifically designed to strengthen the area of injury. By doing these exercises, you will experience faster relief, as well as longer-lasting results. By strengthening the muscles that surround the injured area, you provide necessary support to the area to prevent future injury.

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Why Choose Rehabilitation Exercise

Rehabilitation exercises can improve all joint, muscle, neck and back problems and is essential in the recovery from sports injuries. There is new evidence to suggest that even a seemingly small injury may take up to a year to fully heal. Any kind of trauma or injury will inhibit key muscles from working so it is essential to retrain muscles after any injury. The process by which a problem develops may have occurred over many months or years. Rehabilitation Exercise will reverse this process much faster than it developed, but may take several months to take full effect.

After a course of rehabilitation exercise, your body will be able to cope more effectively with the demands of daily life. Research has shown that supervised exercise in a rehabilitation environment is more effective. At the rehabilitation gyms attached to the ISIS clinics, trained gym staff work together with the chiropractors to devise effective exercise programs for patients and the gym staff carefully supervise patients while they exercise.

Rehabilitation exercise programs are tailored to a patient’s particular needs and specific to that patient’s injury. Without the proper guidance from your chiropractor, the exercises you are currently doing at your normal gym may well aggravate or worsen your problem, even though it may not seem to hurt at the time. The staff at your gym is unlikely to have the depth of knowledge and understanding of your individual needs, so you should always consult your chiropractor prior to commencing any exercise program.

How do I correct my muscle imbalance?

After consulting your chiropractor, the gym staff will assess you individually to determine which particular muscles need training in order to help correct and prevent future problems. Your personal program will include core stability exercises and target flexibility, endurance and co-ordination.

Will doing these exercises alone stop me getting back trouble?

Suitable exercises are an addition to your chiropractic care. They will strengthen your spine and improve your ability to cope with daily demands, but periodic chiropractic care (maintenance care) is often necessary to ensure you remain in optimum health.