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People with panic attacks and anxiety disorders are usually worried by some insignificant problems. All the forums devoted to people with such diseases are full of stupid and useless questions such as : “Today I’ve broke a vase. How do you think I am losing vision or have problems with coordination?”

Such self-diagnosing sometimes leads to such situations like the person decides he has a cancer. You may say it is ridiculous, but you are not right it is a real problem. And of course there are several questions which need to be answered because ill people just can’t live normal life without knowing some answers, and maybe their doctors just can’t provide for them.

One of those important questions is a usage of birth control with Valium and its interference. Many people having not enough information were afraid to use contraceptives and finally they got pregnant while taking this medicine. It is not mentioned in the instruction but it has a harmful effect on your unborn baby, it can even lead to organ defects as it is rather influential medicine it also can get to the blood of your child through your milk if you are breast-feeding mum.

Answering this question it is significant to mention that using of birth control not only allowed but it is even desirable. Don’t forget that some contraceptives can really interfere with Valium, especially with different taste additives, so to avoid consequences cause by this interaction you should consult your doctor and choose the way you should protect from undesirable pregnancy.

Ignorance of some things doesn’t free us from responsibility, responsibility for ourselves above all things. So to know more about the medicine you are taking or going to take (Valium) its side effects and new facts about it you should keep on reading this cognitive article.

Constant questions as “Does Valium cause pain in my neck?” Or “Is it Valium’s side effect that I have runny nose?” make us do general answer.

All such questions you should of course discuss with your doctor. But answering generally all similar questions, it can be said that all the pains and aches which appeared during the usage of Valium can be its side effects. But it is not exactly.

Almost all side effects which may occur are mentioned in the instruction given with the pills. So just try to remember maybe you have pain in your leg because you struck it somewhere, and you have runny nose because you were walking in a T-shirt in a rainy day, all this are normal processes which can happen to anyone.

Try just to analyze if this pain really appeared from nowhere, in this case it really can be a side effect, or there was a reason for this pain or ache. Of course your doctor will help you to understand the real reason. And to remove it if it is needed.

If you have some old pill of Valium and your anxiety come back don’t try to take it without getting new prescription. There are couple reasons for not doing such a fool thing. First of all almost all medicine directed to treat mental disorders have shelf-life for about a year, of course

Everything depends on the type and the form of medical preparation, and the date by which you should use it have to be written on its package. To use medicine after the end of the term of action is dangerous and risky. Secondly some time later medicine usually loses its properties and efficiency. So it is better to go to your doctor complain that your anxiety and panic appeared again and ask for a new prescription.

But even if you have a new prescription be careful when you buy chemical substances, look on its shelf-life. It has a lot of risk factors itself avoid additional risk or your treatment will turn into harm to your body.